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Join leaders from across the hospitality & travel ecosystem to discuss the current state and future of accommodations, how consumer behavior is creating change across the industry, and the convergence of hosting short-term rentals and traditional lodging & stays.

Featuring a wide array of forward-thinking industry leaders, sessions revolve around practical advice, data-driven insights and thought-provoking discussions that matter most for property managers, hosts and hospitality brands.

Main Program
The Future of Hospitality is Here

The emergence of new technology is transforming our industry. In this session, we’ll explore which innovations hospitality businesses should be considering to stay ahead of the competition and which of the technologies making headlines – from AI to VR – actually have value in driving the bottom-line.

The Tipping Point: When should I start building my brand?

Building a great brand requires strategic planning and a keen understanding of the target audience. Some of the most successful brands in the industry will share their tried and tested tips with us, and what they’ve learned along the way. You’ll walk away from this session with a break down of what every hospitality business looking to build a brand should take into consideration on their roadmap and at what stage in your growth you should focus on this.

From Boomers to Zoomers: Changing traveler expectations in a connected world

Do you know what your travelers want? As traveler expectations continue to rise, so should your awareness of their needs. We’ll cover shifting traveler’s needs and how you can meet them to maximize your business and keep one step ahead.

Staying Lean & Efficient in 2023

Whether managing 1 listing or 1000, as we continue through a period of economic uncertainty, doing more with less is the name of the game for property managers looking to get ahead. Learn how to automate and streamline every aspect of your business to achieve bigger goals with a lean team.

Check Out My New Sustainability Badge

As sustainability continues to grow in importance for your guests, the demand for eco-friendly vacation rentals and sustainable travel options increases . Luckily for property managers, there is much to gain by implementing eco-friendly practices for your business. Learn how going green could make your business boom, and how you can pocket more profit by being kinder to the planet.

The State of the Industry: Trends & data

Join us for an overview of the current state of the industry. We’ll drill down on trends – and the data behind the trends – at a time when the tourism industry is facing rapid change, economic uncertainty, and evolving demographics and expectations amongst travelers.

Show Me your Tech Stack Strategy: Different stacks for different businesses

Leveraging your technology stack can be a powerful tool for scaling your business. As demands evolve and transform, you need the right tech strategy for your goals. That’s why this session will bring a lineup of Guesty customers to discuss their tech stack approach to succeeding as a business and staying ahead of the curve.

The Art of Revenue Management

Are you ready to maximize your short-term rental pricing strategy? Let’s dive into the latest strategies and techniques used in the industry for revenue management. We’ll cover the importance of market data, portfolio insights, and other factors that influence prices like restrictions and discounting. The end goal: to give you the information you need to create a pricing strategy tailored to your business needs.

Ten Ways to Leverage First Party Data

You have first party data about your guests, now how many ways can you leverage it? Bring a pen and paper to this session and be prepared to walk away with ten concrete ways you can start using first party data to grow your business today.

Where Guests Meet Tech: The intersection between technology and the guest experience

Guest experience is the sum of all interactions that a guest has during their stay or visit – from pre-booking to post-departure – and everything in between. From contactless travel to an ultra-personalized stay, we’ll introduce you to the technologies hospitality businesses are currently investing in to better understand their guests and improve guest experience at every touchpoint.

Building Brand Loyalty: Best practices from the field

When it comes to building a loyalty program for your short- term rental business – don’t reinvent the wheel. Loyalty programs are a great way to boost repeat business and build long term customer relationships. Setting clear goals, finding the right platform and tracking progress are just a few of the steps you should consider. Our panel will provide you with the insights you need on how to get started or grow your own loyalty program, and how to measure success.

The multiple dimensions of scaling? Which one is right for me.

What’s the best way for you to scale? The diverse panel will take you through real journeys of scaled hospitality businesses from growing by size, by type of accommodation, across geos, and more. The panel will also cover key factors to keep in mind when you’re ready to scale including the readiness of your organization, systems, processes, and finances.

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