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The New Era of
Short-Term Rentals

Building a Modern
Hospitality Brand

Tech Solutions to
Succeed and Scale

Join leaders from across the hospitality & travel ecosystem to discuss the current state and future of accommodations, how consumer behavior is creating change across the industry, and the convergence of hosting, short-term rentals and traditional lodging & stays.

Featuring a wide array of forward-thinking industry leaders, sessions revolve around practical advice, data-driven insights and thought-provoking discussions that matter most for property managers, hosts and hospitality brands.

Main Program

What Do Guests (Really) Want?

From personal touches to frictionless features and amenities, to tailored experiences and enhanced, simplified communications, we’ll explore different priorities among new, diverse types of travel personas – and what they look for most when it comes to their choice of accommodations. What types of experience, service offerings and locations are increasingly important to consider and capitalize on?

From Raising Funds to Raising Standards: New Frontiers in the PropTech Industry

For investors, PMCs and industry leaders, what strategies and considerations are important for raising capital in challenging times? How is consolidation impacting the ecosystem, and how are investors, companies and public institutions evolving their outlook of the STR industry as a whole?

Accomodation Evolution: A New Age of Short-Term Hospitality

In 2022, vacation rentals can feel a whole lot more like hotel stays, while traditional hotel chains are trying to catch some of the elusive, flexible and carefree charm that vacation rentals offer. With both sectors vying for the same audiences, find out what you need to do to capture, delight and deliver the benefits of both worlds.

An Inside Look at Post-Pandemic Travel Trends

Greater flexibility. Smoother bookings. Changing safety measures. Eco-consciousness. What can the industry learn from what consumers now want in their experience? We explore exactly what consumers are searching for – plus how PMCs can leverage this data to win guests, streamline operations, and maximize business growth.

The Sharing Economy, Short-Term Hospitality & Long-term Impact

With super-empowered individuals and companies in the hosting and property management industry a key connector of people and cultures, we take a look at how the industry mobilized people from around the world during times of crisis. How did the shared economy and its platforms via companies like Airbnb become the go-to source for people to become activists and help others in need – and likely will be a model moving forward?

Marketing Essentials to Outperform Megabrands

As emerging PMCs increasingly compete with larger hospitality brands - and as the bigger brands strive to adapt to new traveler expectations and double-down on efforts to drive direct bookings, how can PMCs of all sizes stand-out and even outperform larger brands and their huge budgets? We explore the essentials of building a strong hospitality brand in a hyper-competitive market and in a hyper-connected world.

Diversifying Your Portfolio: From STRs to Flexible Inventory

How can PMCs effectively expand their inventory and manage a hybrid portfolio that captures new segments of the market? We look at the trends, emerging markets, surprising niche accommodations and new business models across the ecosystem.

A Delicate Balance: How to Keep Both Guests and Owners Happy

In the hyper-competitive landscape, with guests' and owners' demands on the rise, striking the right balance as a service provider for both groups is no small feat. Find out how some of the world's leading PMCs keep both sides'—at times conflicting—expectations met and even exceeded.

A Tech Stack Masterclass

A thoughtful approach to mixing, matching and building your tech stack every step of the way is how leading PMCs elevate themselves from the competition. Learn how lean, medium and large-scale PMCs are structuring their tech stacks by curating each tool and developing brand new solutions to fit the evolving needs of their business and teams as they scale.

How to Drive Operational Efficiency & Excellence

With labor shortages to supply chain disruptions to the constraints of managing localized networks of independent service providers now commonplace – among other challenges – what strategies can PMCs adopt to achieve operational excellence? How have property managers discovered and implemented tools that optimize operational efficiency with the right technologies in place – and without compromising their level of service?

Bottom Line, Top Priority

A deep dive to help you learn more about key pricing and revenue management tools and models that can help boost your profits – and how to price correctly ahead of each season to ensure travelers book with you (and not the competition).

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