Guesty cares about making our impact on the environment – and our events – as sustainable as possible. That’s why we’re implementing a series of actions to reduce our carbon footprint at GuestyVal, while delivering a truly unique event experience for every attendee to enjoy. Here‘s what we’re doing:


Where possible, we are using locally grown and ethically sourced produce, as this is likely to have a lower carbon footprint. We will also be serving all food on reusable plates in order to reduce our usage of single-use plastics as much as possible.

Event app

For the first year, we’ve introduced a digital event app — eliminating the need for us to print paper brochures, programs, or other event materials.


The production of our event is in line with ISO 20121:2012 — an International Standard that specifies requirements for an event sustainability management system.


We will have dedicated recycling areas onsite to ensure that any non-reusable materials are disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Sponsor booths

We’re encouraging all of our exhibitors to support our green initiatives. We’ve also provided reusable backdrops, and a digital alternative to the traditional gift bag insert.

Attendee lanyards and badges

Our lanyards are both recycled and recyclable with plastic made of 40% recycled production waste. Our attendee badges do not require the traditional plastic wallet.

Green hosted website

The GuestyVal website is hosted green.


We’d like to thank Bob Garner of Green VR Events for his voluntary work towards a more sustainable industry.